Ping pong- Various National Tournaments And Trophies


After introducing ping-pong to the world, various national and International tournaments were also introduced into the field. There was a time in the 1800s when it was played as a parlor game, and now it is one of the widely accepted games. Many countries organize their tournament and host other countries. 

Countries compete at an extensive level for many renowned international trophies.

Today we are going to discuss tournaments that are held at various levels in ping-pong. We will also be discussing the most outstanding awards of all the times for which these players compete.


National And International Tournaments


As we moved forward in the time frame, ping0pong also moved with us. Time to time, many tournaments are introduced in the field. These tournaments are:-

  • World Table Tennis Championship: This was the first-ever ping pong championship played in humankind's history. It was introduced in 1926 by ITTF. It has five types of matches i.e., Singles for man and woman and Doubles for man, woman, and mixed. It is organized every year, but in 1957 the policies changed. Now they are scheduled every two years.
  • Table Tennis World Cup:- It was introduced in the 1980s. Later in the 1990s, team competitions were introduced, and women singles were introduced in 1996. The world cup has various levels i.e., the preliminary stage, the 1st group stage, and then knockouts. After knockouts come the quarterfinals, the semis, and the finals, all matches are played based on the best of 7 rule. We Give Best tips and tricks about Ping Pong visit our Ping Pong Beast.​​
  • Olympics:- Table tennis was introduced to the world Olympics in 1988. Since then, it is dominated by the Chinese team by winning 24 gold.
  • IITF World Tour:- IITF introduced this tour in 1996. This tournament has a unique points system. In this, players are evaluated, and the one gains the top positions plays the finals.
  • Continental Championships:- Almost every continent on the planets organizes their championships. Top players of the continent take part in these championships to win the title of the Best Player Of the Continent. Further enlisting, these tournaments are as follows:-
  1. African Championships
  2. Latin American Cup
  3. European Championships.
  4. North-American Cup
  5. Asian games
  6. Oceania Championships
  • Commonwealth Games and Pan-American Games has recently introduced table tennis into their tournaments also.


Famous Trophies and Honors for Ping-pong Players


The champions in every field are presented with an honor. Table tennis also has some dedicated trophies for their top players. 

These trophies are:-

  • St. Bride Vase- It is a trophy exclusively for St. Bride Table Tennis Club members. It is a men's singles reward.
  • Iran Cup:- It is given in 1947 by the Iranian Shaah for men's doubles World Championship Winners.
  • Swaythling Cup:-- It is given to man team winner from 1926. The name of the trophy is denoted after the name of the IITF president's mother.
  • Geist Prize:- Women singles winner were awarded by this reward. The presenter of this trophy is the Hungarian Table Tennis Association.





If you are thinking of pursuing a career in Table Tennis, you must have complete knowledge of these tournaments and trophies. It will help you set a goal for the long run.